BooSTeRS ‘JDM’ Windscreen Banner


BooSTeRS ‘JDM’ Windscreen Banner

printed and UV proof.

Air release vinyl for easy fitting. JDM Sticker bomb style for something a bit different!

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BooSTeRS ‘JDM’ Windscreen Banner

  1. Clean your windscreen thoroughly before application and make sure its dry. This is a dry application.
  2. Find a mate to help you fit it.
  3. Measure the windscreen and find the middle. use some tape to mark the middle on your roof.
  4. Line up the middle of the banner (marked) with the mark on your roof.
  5. Line up the edges on both sides so that the background covers the entire glass area and pull it over the edges.
  6. Use some tape to create a ‘hinge’ vertically and hold the banner in place. We used two strips just off center.
  7. fold over one side and peel of the backing to the middle. Cut the backing off that side so its not in your way.
  8. Squeegee the sticker down on one side, pushing carefully towards the edges and move all the air out of the banner. Get into the corners and grooves.
  9. Repeat this on the other side.
  10. Use a sharp blade to trim the top and sides off that overhang carefully. Don’t cut the seals on your windscreen!
  11. Squeegee out any remaining bubbles, remove any tape and you should have yourself a windscreen banner!

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Dimensions 10 × 15 × 15 cm


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